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Renewal Process for a British Passport for Adults and Children

For those who need to get their British passport renewed when they are overseas will have to go to the overseas passport offices. In most instances, you shall be engaged with the activities of planning your travels. The idea of applying for a passport or visa shall be more stress for you to handle. But if you stuck to this guideline, you should have a smooth process for you as well as for your family. It is important for you to make the application early. The processing of your renewal application may take months to be done. This may interfere with your travel plans. Here is more info about renewing a British passport for Thai child.

You need to be aware of all the rules and requirements. You can go online and read more about those rules and requirements. You, for example, need to be keen on their expectations on the children. The photos you take for instance have to be done in a particular manner. You do not want to deviate from that. You are expected to present your original passport, two photographs, a completed OS passport form. You also need proof of your specific residential address. Find out more here. You also have the option of applying for an emergency travel document where there is no time for a replacement passport application. Click here to apply for UK passport renewal.

If you have a child traveling for the first time, you will need to process their passport application. You will need to collect some important documents such as their birth certificate, or a certified copy from your district office, house registration, your citizenship ID card, parental consent letter, as well as a certified copy of the parent’s citizenship’s ID in case the parent shall not be traveling. Seeing as the father is British, you will need his long UK birth certificate. You will also need their consent to apply for a British passport.

You need to keep in mind that a child’s passport expires faster than an adult’s. This is why you need to check the expiration dates keenly. You need to also ensure that the passports shall remain useful for at least half a year after traveling. There are many countries that will not permit you to travel if that period is any less. You, therefore, need to do the renewal process if that is the case.

You shall find that this site is most beneficial for when you need to have an easier time processing the passport and visa applications and renewals for yourself and your children. Contact them, for a smoother experience. Click here for more :

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